Medicinal Marijuana Evaluations

In New York State, the use of medical marijuana is legal under the Compassionate Care Act, which was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2014. The law allows individuals with qualifying medical conditions to access and use medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

Key points regarding medicinal marijuana in New York State:

1. Qualifying Conditions: New York does not have a list of qualifying conditions. It is up to your healthcare provider to decide if medical marijuana may help you live a better quality of life.

2. Registration: Patients must register with the New York State Medical Marijuana Program (MMP). They need to have a certification from a registered healthcare provider who is qualified to recommend medical marijuana.

3. Products and Administration: Medical marijuana in New York State can be obtained in various forms, including liquids, oils, capsules, oral sprays, vaporization, or inhalation. Smoking marijuana is not permitted. The program also allows for the use of approved medical marijuana products by patients under the age of 18, but with additional safeguards.

4. Registered Organizations: The state has licensed a limited number of Registered Organizations (ROs) to produce and distribute medical marijuana products. These organizations are responsible for growing, processing, and dispensing medical marijuana to certified patients.

5. Dispensing Facilities: There are various dispensing facilities across the state where registered patients can purchase medical marijuana. Patients must choose a dispensing facility when registering with the MMP.

6. Caregivers: Registered patients who are unable to purchase or administer medical marijuana themselves may designate a caregiver to assist them. Caregivers must also register with the MMP and meet certain requirements.

7. Legal Protections: Under the Compassionate Care Act, registered patients, designated caregivers, and healthcare providers involved in the program are protected from criminal prosecution or penalties for the lawful use and distribution of medical marijuana.

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